About Us

Our motto is "dress how you want to be addressed"

Add a touch of pizazz and elegance to your suit or sport coat with a pocket square. Yes, pocket squares can give you that distinguishing edge to set you apart from the crowd. You'll also be amazed at how much more confident you'll feel wearing one.

Pocketsquare Perfection, LLC is a new company that invented an innovative device that revolutionizes Men’s fashion as we know it. It is the first and only device that holds one’s pocket square securely in place. Our handmade devises are made in America, affordable, easy to use and last a lifetime. Made of high-quality leather and small high-powered magnets, it enables you to fashion the perfectly placed and styled pocket square each and every time. It is super thin so it won't cause any unwanted bulging. And in the spirit of fashion, each Pocketsquare Perfection features a hand-stitched patterned lining that makes for a unique conversation piece.