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Pocketsquare Perfection

Pocketsquare Perfection, LLC has invented an innovative device that revolutionizes men's fashion as we know it. It is the first and only device that holds one's pocket square securely in place.  As our name suggest, our focus is to provide a new innovative accessory that allows the well-dressed gentleman to fashion their own unique and creative style with respect to the folding of your pocket square. 

As the tie bar is to the tie, Pocketsquare Perfection is to the pocket square!

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"Style it, Secure it, Pocket it"

“I find myself adjusting my pocket square several times throughout the day, it’s a wonder nothing like this existed before. I’m looking forward to making this a staple piece to my wardrobe.”

Ricky Baskett, Jr. | Charlotte, North Carolina

“Excellent idea! This accessory is long over due. It’s what I’ve always needed. Thank you.”

Robert Lattimore | Nashville, TN

“I love it when my husband wears pocket squares. It’s just creates a look that says, I’ve gone above and beyond.”

Rachel McGowan | Dallas, Texas